The Change Management Webinar Series For Translators

The world is changing. As Greek philosopher Heraclitus pointed out around 500BC, the only constant in life is change. This is particularly true in business where change is happening at an increasing rate. Over the past decade, the translation industry has witnessed an increasing number of technological advances leading to the emergence of new products, new market players and new business models. To adapt to this new reality, translators need new skills: change management skills. The aim of the Future-Proof Translator webinar series is to help you develop these skills in three key areas: technology, your business and you. Understanding these three aspects of change will help you to adapt more efficiently to an ever-evolving market.

Change Management - Coaching For Translators

  • Module 1 explores the latest trends and practices in the translation industry, including social media technologies, machine translation and cloud-based systems. What is happening, and how is it likely to impact you? Should the latest technologies be perceived as threats or as opportunities for business growth and sustainability? The aim of this module is to raise your awareness about the technological side of change in the translation industry to help you prepare for the future.
  • Module 2 explores the human side of change, which underpins the way we adapt to new circumstances. Our ability to cope with change and to limit its impact on our productivity depends on our ability to process all the emotions that it triggers. The models presented in this module will help you to navigate successfully through the various transition phases involved in the processing of change. Understanding these phases is key to renewal and sustainability in a fast-paced world. You will be able to use the techniques described in this module for all types of change likely to impact your performance at work, including changes in your personal circumstances.
  • Module 3 explores the business side of change. When is the best time to initiate a change (technological or not) to reach the next level in your career? What are the various options available to translators? This module presents business coaching models that will enable you to assess the current state of your business and explore opportunities for growth.


Any newcomer or experienced translator who would like to know more about change in the translation industry and how to manage it.


By the end of the course you will:

  • have a better understanding of the increasing speed of change in the translation industry,
  • have a better understanding of the latest trends and technologies used in translation,
  • have a better understanding of the importance of change management,
  • have a better understanding of the transition process and of the various emotions involved,
  • be able to cope with all types of change more efficiently,
  • have a better understanding of the timing of change for your business,
  • know how to use a series of models to assess your business and explore opportunities for growth.


An updated version of The Future-Proof Translator will be available soon.



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